Steam a Seam vs. Glue

What are the pros & cons of these two different methods of adhering fabric to a collage quilt foundation?  Here's what I think...



I am making a French Rose quilt. The flower petals need to fray so I think I will use glue. My question is, has anyone washed their quilt and does the glue was out and leave the quilt softer?

Sue Polansky

I do a lot of fabric collage and use both steam a seam and Roxann’s Glue Baste it. The glue is a lot easier to use,and the needle applicator is great to get to all the edges, but I don’t think it has the same holding power. I have more confidence in steam a seam for a permanent hold. I stitch over all the edges, but the glued ones seem to pop up more and have more fraying.


Does the Arlene’s glue get old? How can you tell? I have a bottle and it’s really sluggish


Thank you for your videos. They are very helpful — especially for a beginner like me. I have not started yet, but hope to, with the map collage.


Thank you for the information. I just wanted to say I have used plain Elmer’s glue stick and a product called Roxanne Glue-Baste-It since I use them to temporarily hold the fabrics until I quilt. They both work well and hold for a while if I’m not ready to quilt. In fact I have one that’s been waiting for at least 4 months and it’s in real good shape still. I use those because I don’t really like the stiffness of the Steam A Seam although I use it sometimes for Thank you again for all you do to help us!

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