Hello, I’m a beginner quilter, I just finished watching your video on the map collage. My question is what happens to the extra fabric (the 1/8 seam) on each piece of fabric when you place it on the quilt. When you place the states together you cover up on seam but will always have the top layer? (I hoped I explained my question)

Michele Cais

Thank you so much for taking the extra time to explain the process. It’s always nice to have the reminder as you go. It builds the confidence needed to complete this project. Nice job and great ideas!


Thank you Emily,
I have not tried this technique and i appreciated this video. Now just waiting for my pattern to arrive and I can jump in.


Thanks so much Emily – this was really interesting and informative and you have a really easy style in front of the camera (said in a non-weird way ??) thanks for going through all the products needed too ?


Thanks much, looking forward to getting started on this.

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