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What is a Collage Quilt?

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22 August, 2018

Darline C

I love your collage quilts. Hoping to view more tutorials and then try one. They are so awesome. Love the freedom process.

22 August, 2018

Rebecca Smith

I would like to learn collage quilting

22 August, 2018


You are really my inspiration…
So l am very excited about learning more and more from you…

22 August, 2018

Sally Simmons

Thank you for accepting me. I am so excited as this is something I have wanted to do for ages and as I live in a remote country town in Western Australia you support as I learn will be wonderful. Now to start 😃

25 April, 2018

Merryl Wells

Hi Emily,
thank you for the tutorials. I will spend some time viewing them, several times, and then work out what i should do. I’m excited to start one but I have a long list of sewing/craft/quilts to get on with and hope to start sooner rather than later.

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