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Collage Quilter Academy Video Tutorials

Get all three beginner courses~ Color Theory, Methods for Making, and Products~ in this bundled master course.

Color Theory

A successful collage quilt is created by understanding and applying the principles of VALUE, COLOR & CONTRAST. The understanding and use of color theory in a collage quilt elevates it to the realm of art, and the maker, to the status of artist.

In this 17 minute video course, you will learn:

  • How to determine & create value sets using your fabric
  • Why and HOW to use the temperature of color
  • Ways to create contrast (the secret sauce of collage quilts)


This video course will teach the methods that Emily uses for creating her collage quilt tops. In these videos, Emily demonstrates each method and shares her tips about how to execute them successfully. She also explains the outcome and advantages with each approach. (Instruction for quilting is NOT included in this course).

In these videos (59 minutes total), you will learn:

  • Emily's newest and most innovative technique for making a collage quilt, "Parchment Pressing"
  • What the "Impressionist" method is and the advantages of thinking like an impressionist painter
  • The benefits for using templates and how to do so with different adhesives


Learn about Emily's favorite products and how to use them. Emily will provide you with the information that you need to understand the pros & cons for each product so that you can decide which products are right for you!

In these videos (42 minutes total), Emily will cover:

  • Adhesives~ both glue and fusible web, and the advantages of using either one in collage quilts
  • Using freezer paper to make templates
  • Parchment paper and why it's Emily's new favorite product
  • Her favorite scissors and other products
  • FABRIC and how to select fabric for success in making collage quilt