3 Ways to Create a Background

If you've taken a close look at any of my quilts, you'll notice I've used several different types of backgrounds.  The overall composition, how large the subject is, and if I'm tired of working on a project and ready to move onto the next one, are all contributing factors for deciding the type of background I use!  The three types of backgrounds I talk about in this video are solid, collaged, or pieced backgrounds. 

I hope this helps you decide how to do the background for your next quilt!


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11 August, 2021

Mary A Watson

Thank you for all the great posts. Backgrounds can be difficult for me, sometimes too plain, others too busy.
You’ve been a great help.

11 August, 2021


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11 August, 2021

Beth Collins

Appreciate so much lesson along with pattern

12 March, 2021

Veronica Kane

Thank you. This was very helpful

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