All Things Rooster

Over the last month, my Collage Quilt-Along with Emily Facebook group has been working on my Rooster downloadable pattern.  If you missed it on Facebook, I've made the same content available here! 

Three step process for making the Rooster:

Rooster Tutorial #1: Supplies and Fabric~

Rooster Tutorial #2: Making the Rooster Collage Quilt~


  • Roszan K Jarman-Konkel

    New to collage quilting, and would love to make the rooster.

  • Maria

    Iam in love with this rooster. I have never tried this quilting technique and iam anxious to start.

    Thanks for a great tutorial.

  • Betty W Smith

    I just luckily saw a beautiful Rooster while scrolling through and so I stopped to see more. And now I’m so excited. I have never seen this method of quilting. Thank you for adding me to the group. I’m anxiously getting everything together to try this project. Think I will use a white with chicken wire print. Thanks for the Rooster project.

  • Rosalind Wolfe

    Great tutorial. Love it. Thank you.

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