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Clementine Quilt-Along

Clementine Quilt-Along

Welcome to January's quilt-along!  This month we're working my new design, Clementine, inspired by the yummy fruit that's in season this time of year.  Clementine is a downloadable pattern that can be printed and traced.  This is a great project for beginner to intermediate collage quilters, focusing on the use of color. 

To participate in this quilt-along, join us in the Collage Quilt-Along with Emily Facebook group.  Videos will be available here, in the FB group and on my YouTube channel, expect for the LIVE VIDEO on FB.

Free video tutorial schedule:


January 31- Finishing up  (LIVE VIDEO)


To purchase the pattern, click HERE .  Pattern is on sale for a limited time :)

Looking for some supplies to help you get started?  Read on to find out what I used for this project and why I love these products!

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Fabric scissors.  These are my holy grail scissors!  I own about six pairs of these.  In my opinion, every collage quilter needs a great pair of scissors and these do the trick! 

Lite Steam a Seam 2.  For this project, I used only fusible as my method of adhesion.  When it comes to fusible, I have tried so many different variations and brands and have come to the conclusion that Lite Steam a Seam 2 is the very best!  I like it because it reduces fraying and keeps the design uniform, so the overall result is a nice flat collage.  I also recommend this specific type of fusible because it is the only permanent fusible and its a good light weight, it won't make your quilts too stiff.

 Buy a few packs here to try it out if you haven't yet!

A light box.  Because this design is a downloadable, you will need to trace it onto your foundation fabric.  An easy way to do this is to use a light box!  I use the 20" x 12" Huion light box, it's a great size and the thin design makes it easy to store.   

You could also opt for a smaller size, like these-

A foam board wrapped in felt.  This is a simple DIY that makes for convenient collage quilting!  I found a big piece of foam core from a local craft store and stapled some felt around it to create a no-slip work surface.  My fabric scraps stick nicely to the felt without falling and I can easily audition those scraps of fabric to whatever it is I'm working on by pinning them to my design.  

You can shop foam core here, or go to your local craft store and pick one up.

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