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Conversation with a Long Arm Quilter

Conversation with a Long Arm Quilter

One of the questions I get asked the most is, "how do you quilt your collage quilt once it is finished?"  Luckily, I was able to sit down with my long arm quilter and pick her brain about the quilting process.  Here's what she has to say..

"Hi!  My name is Marion McClellan and I have been a professional long arm quilter for several years. I really enjoy adding depth and artistry to the beautiful quilts my customers create. I feel like every quilt has something to say, and I enjoy figuring out what that is. I love being a part of a quilts history"

Me: What needle size / type do you recommend when quilting a collage quilt?

Marion: At least a 19. If you are skipping stitches, go bigger.

Me: What thread type do you prefer for collage quilts?

Marion: Superior thread So Fine.

Me: Do your needles ever get gummed up with glue or fusible web?  If so, how do you deal with that?

Marion: No gumming.

Me: Which adhesive (glue or fusible) is easiest for you to quilt?

Marion: I prefer glue, but the steam a seam lite was well behaved.  Be sure to use a larger needle with the fusible.

Me: How do you decide to quilt a project?

Marion: I am happy to quilt most everything that comes my way. I really like to quilt the collage quilts where I can see movement in the work. 

Me: Do you use different colored thread?  (I know that you do...and I love it!)

Marion: I use whatever thread color that will blend the best. For some quilts, verigated works really well, especially for brown and green areas. 

Me: What kind of machine do you use?

Marion: I have a 30” Gammill. It is a work horse and is happy to quilt anything

To view more of Marion's work or contact her, you can visit her blog, My Quilt Diet or find her on social media, @myquiltdiet

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