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Creative Challenge: Mood Boards

Creative Challenge: Mood Boards

On our live video this past week, we discussed mood boards and why we use them.  A mood board is a creative tool that can be used to create an overall vision, aesthetic, and direction.  There is no right or wrong way to create a mood board, what's important is that you find inspiration to help you create!

Watch our live discussion here-

As discussed in the video, one way to make a mood board is by pulling together physical objects that are inspiring, like fabric scraps, paint swatches, a painting, etc. 

Another type of mood board we discussed were Pinterest boards.  Pinterest is an amazing image-based social media and has the ability to create great organized, visual mood boards.  We both use Pinterest frequently to create boards for all things home, design, quilting, and more.

For an upcoming quilt design, Amelia created this mood board-

 See the whole board here-

Follow Amelia to see upcoming mood boards and updates to her existing boards here-

Follow me here-


Another type of mood board we talked about was grabbing screen shots of images that inspired us and compiling them into one page.  Amelia created a mood board for the stag quilt by using Adobe Illustrator, but a couple other options to use are PicMonkey, Canva, and even document based platforms like Word or Pages.

This mood board is what I use to create the Red Stag quilt... (still in progress as of this writing).

 If you're ever feeling uninspired or stuck on a project, or wondering where to start gathering inspiration, mood boards are an excellent creative exercise!  There's no wrong way to go about creating a mood board.  Good luck!

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