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Creativity Challenge no. 1

Creativity Challenge no. 1

The purpose of a creative challenge is to simply get my brain working in a way that allows complete freedom to see what happens.  I have no expectations about an outcome-- I'm simply playing with color and fabric within parameters that I set for myself.  I had a great time with this one!  I mean, how could I NOT?!  It was 100% about playing with color. 

Here are the parameters of this creative challenge:


Select 2 or more analogous colors.  I chose to work with green (my favorite color), teal, and blue.  Select a generous assortment of fabric in each of the colors!  Cut about a 3"-4" square of each color and prepare it with Lite Steam a Seam 2 (SAS).


Now select the background colors for the project.  You'll need to create a background piece that will be large enough for all the pieces you'll apply from step one.  Choose complementary colors from your original color family.  The complementary colors to my original choice are red, red-orange and orange.  I sewed these three pieces together to create a background piece which is 18" x 30".  


Cut the small squares into smaller squares, if you'd like.  The advantage with cutting smaller squares (about 1.5") is that more of the background fabric will be visible.  Remove the SAS from each piece as you work and place the squares onto the background fabric in a design of your choice, but keeping them near other pieces that are similar in value.  

When you have covered the background fabric with the analogous fabric squares, press the design with a hot, STEAMY iron.


Assess and think about what you've learned!  Taking in the finished piece, what do you see?  Are there things that you've learned about color families?  Can you envision using this technique again?  

I love the way my little project turned out and I would like to use it as a block in a larger quilt!



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