Harvest Quilt-Along: Supplies & Selecting Fabric


Welcome to week 1 of the Harvest Quilt-Along! I am so excited to see all of your beautiful projects at the end of this.

This week, we are focusing on the supplies you will need to get started and selecting your fabric.

To begin, you of course need your pattern.  You have the option of purchasing the pattern with all 6 veggies as a physical panel, or you can purchase the individual veggies as downloads (to make it a little more accessible for all my friends across the pond!).  You then need a great pair of fabric scissors, fabric glue, and a whole lot of pretty fabric.

When selecting your fabric, look at the grey tones on your veggie.  Most veggies have 2 - 4 gray tones.  Pay attention to those varying grays, as they will assist you in choosing your fabric.

For a more in-depth introduction to our first week of the quilt-along, check out the tutorial below~


  • Helen Hamerstrom

    We (the Annapolis Quilt Guild) would love to have a virtual workshop and lecture from you in 2022. We generally meet the first Monday of the month. We have March 7, September 12,October 3 or November 7th open.
    Would any of those dates work for you?
    Thank you, Helen Hamerstrom

  • Carly

    Hi! I missed out on the notification about purchasing the pattern for this tutorial. I see it is sold out. Will you be printing more? I would really love to get one of the Harvest group. I will follow along with the tutorials in the mean time. Thank you!

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