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How to Create Animal Eyes

One of my most asked questions is: "How do you make animal eyes?"  Animal eyes can seem intimidating, but they're actually easier than they look and so fun to make!  My method of creating eyes involves what I call a "SAS tracing."  A SAS tracing allows you to have total control over the shape you are trying to create while keeping your fabric and fusible attached.  I also occasionally add shading using Derwent Inktense pencils to add additional depth and interest.

Watch this brief video tutorial below to see exactly how I create my animal eyes!

In this video, I used the frog from my Wee Green Beasties pattern to demonstrate on.  You can find the pattern HERE

I also used my favorite Karen Kay Buckley scissorsHeidi Proffetty tweezersLite Steam a Seam 2a Clover wand ironDerwent Inktense pencils, and a pin to score the backs of my fabric.

Additionally, if you prefer to have a physical book, you can find step my step instructions with photography in my book, Take Flight.

Below are more examples of animals with eyes made with my technique!