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The Longwood Block of the Month

Registration Opens March 1st at 10 AM Mountain Time

We are so excited to announce our Block of the Month program!  After months and months of designing every detail, from the fabrics to the patterns, our Longwood fabric collection and Block of the Month is almost here.  The Longwood Block of the Month, named after Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, is a lush garden inspired quilt with rich English influence.

Monthly Kit Subscription

Duration: The block of the month includes 8 collaged blocks and additional pieced blocks for a total of 8 months.

Cost: To register for the program, there is a one time, non-refundable $50 fee up front that guarantees your monthly participation, and helps cover the cost of shipping, labor, packaging, etc.  Then, you will be charged a recurring monthly fee of $36.50.

What's Included: Each month you will receive the pattern for the collage and block, a curated fabric kit for the collage that contains between 15 - 30 6" squares of fabric, and fabric from the Longwood collection for the pieced block, shipping included.  You will receive 17.75 yards for the quilt top, backing and binding, and fabric for each collage over the course of 8 months.  That’s approximately 100 unique pieces of fabrics!

Difficulty Level: Confident beginner to intermediate.

Size: Monthly block size will vary from 9" x 9" to 27" x 27".  The finished quilt size is 63" x 72"

Monthly Digital Download *For International Customers Only*

Duration: One shipment for all of the fabric, and 8 months of digital downloads, for a total of 8 months.

Cost: $305.50 up front for all fabric and patterns, no monthly payments

What's Included: The complete payment of $305.50 includes all of the fabric for the duration of the quilt along, sent to you in one shipment (shipping not included). In total, you will receive 17.75 yards of the Longwood fabric collection, and a curated fabric kit of over 90 unique pieces. Then, you will be sent a monthly digital downloadable pattern and instructions.

Difficulty level and size are the same as above.

International customers who would like to participate in the block of the month are encouraged to sign up this way. We will automatically cancel any orders for international customers who sign up for the monthly kit subscription instead of the monthly digital downloads.


What is a Block of the Month? A Block of the Month (BOM) is a monthly subscription that allows you to create each block of the quilt over time. At the end of the BOM program, you will have all of the blocks to put together a complete quilt.

What type of patterns are the blocks? These block are made by combining traditional piecing with parchment pressing collage. Learn more about what a parchment pressing pattern is HERE

Is the backing fabric included? Yes, you will receive 4.5 yards of Longwood in blue or green for the backing.

Is the binding fabric included? Yes, you will receive 3/4 yard in Wilmington in blue for the binding.

Is the border fabric included? Yes, you will receive 2.5 yards of Goldfinch Trellis for the border.

What is the Longwood fabric collection? Our Longwood fabric collection was designed by Emily Taylor and Amelia Whiting specifically for this BOM.

Can I participate in the BOM if I live outside of the United States? Yes, if you are an international customer, please sign up for the monthly digital download version of the BOM. You will receive all of the fabric in one shipment, and then receive the patterns as digital downloads each month.

Can I use my own fabric? No, if you are planning to participate in the BOM, we will not be offering an option to use your own fabric, ie. selling the patterns as a subscription without the fabric.

Can I register after March 1 for the BOM? Yes, we will keep registration open until we sell out. Please keep in mind that we only have a limited quantity of spots available.

Are all of the blocks the same size? No, there is variety amongst the block sizes, they range from 9" to 27." However, if you signed up for the BOM program, the price for each month will be the same despite the size differences. Some months you will receive a large block, some months you will receive a smaller block.

Can I cancel my BOM subscription? Yes, however, your registration fee is non-refundable.

Where can I find the video tutorials for the BOM? We will be posting monthly video tutorials throughout the BOM program to our YouTube channel. They are free to watch, but make sure to subscribe to our channel to know as soon as they are posted.

Do I have to pay for shipping each month? No, shipping is included in the monthly kit subscription cost. International orders for the monthly digital download will need to pay for shipping one time to receive all of the fabric.

Can I purchase the block patterns separately from the block of the month? Yes, we will be releasing the individual block kits and downloadable patterns each month as they come out. However, the individual kit price will be more expensive than the block of the month subscription price.

When will I receive the first month's shipment? Orders will be processed exactly one month from your date of registration. For example, if you register for the block of the month on the 1st of the month, your next payment will be processed on the 1st of the next month. Orders will be shipped within 1-2 days of payment.

More About Longwood

The Longwood fabric collection and Block of the Month project was designed by mother-daughter duo Emily Taylor, (creator of Collage Quilter), and Amelia Whiting. The Longwood quilt is comprised of pieced blocks using the Longwood collection, and collaged elements for an exquisite (and one-of-kind) quilt. When designing Longwood, we set out to create a complete fabric collection that stands beautifully on its own, and also blends perfectly with every collage in the Block of the Month quilt.  Each piece in the collection was created with intention and purpose, and we hope that you relish this attention to detail as you make the Longwood quilt using our Longwood fabric collection!