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Longwood Thread Bundle

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Limited edition thread bundle curated exclusively for our Longwood quilt!

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I like to quilt using my domestic machine (my Bernina 790), and when quilting through collage projects, I like the thread to match the fabric.  I prefer my thread to blend in, so the selected colors are softer, muddier tones.  I also need thread that won't break or skip stitches.  Which is why these thread bundles are perfect for building my thread stash!

100% polyester Isacord is my thread of choice! At nearly twice the strength of rayon thread, Isacord is the smoothest running and most reliable polyester thread produced. It has been engineered from the finest raw materials to provide just the right amount of elasticity to allow for high speed running without looping or puckering while virtually eliminating thread breaks. 1,000 meter mini-king spools featuring a unique snap down base for clean and easy storage.   

Bundle Colors:

0670 Cream

3971 Silver

5542  Garden Moss

3853 Ash Blue

0853 Pecan

1220 Apricot

2152 Heather Pink