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Petit Rouge Roosters

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Difficulty Level: BEGINNER

Create a dreamy, French Provencal inspired quilt with these handsome roosters, Marcel, Jean, Pierre, Elliot, Luis, and Raphael.  Each unique rooster was designed to fit and coordinate with Emily's Petit Rouge fabric collection.

Included in this Parchment Pressing Patterns:
  • Instructions to help you complete the quilt.
  • A gray tone template of each of the roosters that guides your fabric placement and fabric selection. 

Additional supplies required:

  • Fabric Scissors
  • Lite Steam a Seam 2 (or adhesive of your choice)
  • A wide range of fabric in light, medium, and dark. Our fabric bundles are perfect for getting started!
  • Background fabric
  • Parchment paper (baking paper).  I have found that the Reynold's brand works best, but use whatever you have.
  • Mini iron

Coordinating fabric:

Approximate rooster sizes: roughly 16" tall x 11" - 15" wide

Approximate finished quilt size: 52" x 66"

Looking for the complete kit?  Find it HERE