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Emily's 30 Day Creative Challenge

Emily's 30 Day Creative Challenge

Join me for the month of April for my 30 day creative challenge!  Each day, except Sunday, I will randomly draw a subject to create, and a method to use.  

Research has determined that artists who create a higher quantity of work, ultimately end up creating a higher quality of work.  This is because of the 70-20-10 rule; 70% of your work will just be okay, 20% of your work will be really bad, but 10% of your work will be really good.  So it only makes sense that the more you create, the more likely you are to create something really amazing.  A huge part of this 70-20-10 rule is to fail fast and don't be afraid of failure or creating something terrible.  I expect that most of what I create during my 30 day challenge will probably be average!  But 10% of what I create this month will probably be something I am happy with!

My goal is to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try techniques I wouldn't normally use.  I plan to create a whole lot of things that aren't awesome, but that only means my chances of creating something beautiful are increasing.  I hope you'll follow along!  If you would like to join me in my challenge, below is my list of subjects and methods that I will be drawing from daily.

Download List HERE


We love to see customer creations, so use hashtag #CollageQuilter to tag us in anything you create for your 30 day challenge!


Day 1:

Create a pieced background suitable for a collaged subject.

Day 2:

Playing with ink tense pencils and vases.

Day 3:

Create a beetle.

 Day 4-5:

Create and Impressionist landscape.

Day 6:

Create a crab.

Day 7:

Create a simple pear.


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