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New to Collage? Start Here!

New to Collage? Start Here!

Welcome to the World of Collage Quilting! 

Starting a new hobby like textile collage can be exciting and intimidating!  Fortunately, with the resources I've created here at, you can learn the methods and supplies you'll need to enjoy the process of making a collage quilt!  

To begin, I'd like to introduce you to what collage quilting is and how it differs from traditional quilting.  Collage quilts are made using small, overlapping scraps of fabric adhered to a foundation fabric.  There are no rigid cutting instructions, and there are no precise fabric requirements.  (If you are coming from the world of traditional quilts, this either has you jumping for joy or shaking in your boots)!  

Here is a quick video explaining what a collage quilt is: 

I have loads of videos to help you learn on my YouTube channel.


To begin collage quilting, you'll need some basic supplies.  Here's what I recommend:

1. Scissors.  My favorite scissors that I use daily are the Karen Kay Buckley 6" Perfect Scissors.   You can purchase them on my website HERE.

2. Adhesive.  I personally prefer Lite Steam a Seam 2, but I have also used glue before!  I recommend trying out a couple different methods to figure out what works best for you.  Lite Steam a Seam 2 can be purchase HERE.  

If you'd like more information about various adhesives, I recommend checking out my book, "Collage Quilter: Essentials for Success"

3. Fabric.  The funnest part of collaging is playing with fabric!  Collage is also one of the BEST ways to use all your fabric scraps.  My best tip for purchasing fabric is to buy a small amount, but a large variety.  To make purchasing fabric easy, I have put together fabric bundles that include a variety of fabric, perfect for collage.  You can view them HERE.

I've also created a video about purchasing fabric which you can see in my video tutorial library: 

4. A pattern.  If you've never made a collage quilt before, there are a few of my patterns I recommend.  First, my free downloadable mushroom pattern, available by signing up for my email list HERE. It's a small and simple pattern to help get your feet wet.  In addition to the mushroom I recommend either the Clementine, Winter Cardinal, or Garden Party.  All of which are excellent beginner patterns that teach the basics of value, color, and collage.  If you are a first time customer, you can use code GET15 for 15% off your entire purchase!


The BEST way to learn how to collage is to simply dive in with a pattern!  But if you're in need of additional direction, here are a few more suggestions:

1.  Watch my weekly Live Videos for the latest goings-on around my studio.  You can catch me every Monday at 11am Mountain time on my YouTube channel, on my Facebook page or in one of my Facebook groups.  On this weekly video I interview people, share new projects I'm working on, or demonstrate a technique.  It's also a great time to ask me a question!

2.  Join one of my Facebook Groups.  The Collage Quilter Facebook group is a broad group whose mission is to support and showcase the talent of collage quilters across the world.  In that group we have established artists and aspiring beginners and all are welcome to share and learn.  My other group, Collage Quilter Academy, is for people who are specifically working on my patterns!  It is incredibly helpful to see the interpretation of a pattern by other people, and to understand what they've learned along the way.

3.  Purchase my book, Collage Quilter: Essentials for Success.   Take a deep dive into the color theory that guides my philosophy about making collage quilts.  In the book, I also provide step-by-step photos of making several beautiful projects, AND explain the how and why for the supplies that I recommend.

4.  Check out my video tutorials at Collage Quilter Academy.  Watch me when and where it's convenient for you!  Through these inexpensive video lessons, I teach you the same topics I cover in my book: color theory, methods for success and more.

5.  Browse my blog posts.  There are dozens of posts that discuss topics ranging from mistakes I've made to specific tutorials to help you succeed as a collage quilter.  Here is an especially helpful post... a complete list of resources and videos that I've created: 

It's important to me that you enjoy your journey into creating collage quilts!  I hope that you will love it as much as I do, and that this information is helpful to you!

Warm regards,


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