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Pink Fabric Bundle

Fabric Buying Tips

Making a collage quilt is entirely different from traditional quilt-making, particularly when it comes to fabric requirements and cutting instructions!  That's because there are generally no rigid fabric requirements other than MORE fabric. And cutting instructions simply involve not cutting your fingers off!  Ok, just kidding... cutting instructions are this: cut fabric pieces smaller than the palm of your hand, but larger than your fingernail.  Any shape is fine!  

Because of these loose recommendations, purchasing fabric for a collage quilt has some unique challenges.  One of the biggest is to acquire a large variety of fabric in small quantities!  Most shops have cutting requirements that don't favor a person who only wants to buy a few inches of a dozen different pieces.  So here is my recommendation: be loyal to shops who will cut and sell an 1/8 of a yard!  

Additionally, when shopping for fabric for your collage quilts, I recommend purchasing fabric in a spectrum of values AND temperature.  That means when you are shopping for pink fabric, for example, look to acquire light pinks, medium pinks and dark pinks.  And, I recommend incorporating both WARM and COOL versions of pink!

If shopping for fabric is beginning to sound a little complex, then you'll be please to know that I am now offering curated fabric bundles for sale on my website!  (Browse the current offering HERE). 

I've selected the perfect quantity and variety for each color.  Each fabric bundle contains 18 pieces of fabric in a single color, but in a spectrum of light to dark with warm and cool variations.  Each piece is 1/8 yard, making it easy to cut and fold as you work on your projects. 

To learn more about how to shop for fabric for textile collage, I'd advise you to enroll in my Color Theory course on Teachable (here's the link:

OR check out my book, Collage Quilter: Essentials for Success

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