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What is a Collage Quilt?

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19 March, 2020

Susan Kissell

Love the quilt in the background!!! Self portrait?
I have been doing collage quilts without knowing what I was doing. But I love it, and so glad I stumbled onto your Facebook page!

27 January, 2020

Diana Birkenholtz

Thank you for your first instructional video. I look forward to learning more about this technique.

27 January, 2020

Julie Rademacher

I love the facebook group. Everyone is so sopportive, inspioring and kind.

14 January, 2020

Nancy Jones

I am trying to learn all zi can about Collage Quilts as I can as well. I love the idea of not having to square everything
I am not an artist , but I try very hard. I love your quilts.

06 July, 2019

Peggy Garbers

I have made many raw edge applique wall hangings. I do not see the difference. By definition a quilt is 3 layers. That is the only restriction we have. So, lets play with fabric and let it make us smile!

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