"Quailt" Tutorial

This brief tutorial will explain the method that I used to create my "Quailt".  In this tutorial I use the full size pattern (44" x 52").  
1.  I began by creating a gray-tone image in illustrator, from which I had a panel printed.  This panel was my base fabric onto which I glue the fabric pieces.  The grays in the panel help me to understand what fabric value I should use where.  If you are using the PDF pattern, simply trace the image onto a piece of fabric as explained in the pattern.
2.  Next, I selected fabric based on the color scheme I wanted to create.  I tried to have 4-7 for each section of the quilt.  In other words, each gray on the panel would be covered up with 4-7 different fabrics of the same value. 
•It can be tricky determining the value of your fabric when you are distracted by the color and pattern, so here's a tip for selecting the correct value of fabric--take a photo of your fabric & change it to black & white!
3.  I found it easiest to begin with the darkest or very lightest areas first.  Cut fabric pieces-- I tended to cut fabric into feather shapes, or on some areas of the quilt I fussy-cut flowers.
4.  Add a small dab of glue smeared in the center of each fabric piece.  This will hold it in place, but keep the edges free to tuck and overlap with adjoining pieces of fabric.  (Alleen's is what I used).
5.  I listened to a great book from Audible while I worked on this project, because it's somewhat tedious.  Check out "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah, if you haven't already read it!
6.  When the entire bird was finished, I chose to cut him out and apply him to a background fabric.  Then I glued just the edges of the bird to the background.  There is no need to glue the entire bird down-- you'll be quilting him!
7.  I selected a fun bird feather fabric for the back and sent the quilt top off to my friend, Paula Everill, to quilt!  I LOVE how he turned out!
You can purchase my "Quailt" pattern- with instructions and the gray-tone panel here if you are interested: Quailt Collage Quilt Pattern 
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